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About us

THE NEW LAGUNA RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL BUILDING IS IN COMPLETE UNISON WITH THE SURROUNDINGS. According to the project, there is going to be a basement, ground floor, mezzanine with gallery and five floors with a setback floor with accentuated building corner edges on the Evropa BLVD in the height of one floor (a basement, ground floor and mezzanine with gallery and six floors with a setback floor). Taking into consideration the size and complexity of the building, the construction is planned to be carried out in three stages, i.e. three bays.

Novi Sad



The city is green enough, comfortable and safe with its recognizable Vojvodinian charm. It is an ideal city for our youngest citizens to grow up in as well as for obtaining higher education, business opportunities, careers in art and sport and rich family life.

Novi Sad



The biggest infrastructure project of the city of Novi Sad in the last few years. The new boulevard promotes a completely new vision of housing and business development. The attractive location, excellent transport connectivity with other parts of the city, direct connection to E-75 highway represent an opportunity for new business challenges and a response to the needs of a modern man.

Laguna residence



Our leading idea in every design, construction project and spatial planning is the new concept of living that gives aesthetic value and high functionality to residential and commercial buildings. The new residential and commercial building, Laguna Residence, is the fusion of idea, inspiration and skill and is our response to the challenges of the modern pace of life. From the selection of location, building material and every single detail, we were led by the principle of safe, ecologically friendly and secure surrounding for business and housing. Before us is a completely new expression of modern architecture…

Laguna Residence Penthouse

At the top of the Laguna Residence complex there is a penthouse Type 2. This luxury apartment compound is comfort, functionality, quality, modern aesthetic approach, the latest technologies and our commitment to the mission to create a unique home without compromise.

A selection of top-class materials, the penthouse first became the home of a large number of well-known brands in order to become a “home of imagery” for its future tenants.

This four-room apartment is designed as a combination of two practical units. Sleeping blog consists of three rooms (two children’s and a parent’s room) and two bathrooms (for children and adults).

Laguna Residence Penthouse Tip 2

The place where the magic happens: the living room is connected with a dining room and a kitchen and two terraces of which the number is 229m2, equipped with a Spa center, a barbecue, and from this place the view most probably describes the entire Novi Sad.

Business Premises

Laguna Residence business premises are planned in a way that their use satisfies the residents’ everyday needs and gives them a more comfortable and better quality life.

In these business premises there will be a supermarket, a pharmacy, a beauty salon, a gym, etc.


Parking spaces and garages

Courtyard and underground parking spaces are secured by video surveillance and a ramp.

Laguna Key is applications designed exclusively for owners of apartments and garages within the Laguna Residence building complex. If the owner has access to the garage it simplify access by providing way to open garage door using application or a widget. Application is available for download to Android devices through Google Play Store or for Apple iPhone devices via Apple App Store.



We take care of the maintenance and functionality of the building and respond to the needs and desires of the residents by means of organized residents’ service.


There is a two-year guarantee on building construction quality.

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We are responsible towards the environment, energy sources and energy consumption and have designed and constructed a building which meets the high European standards of energy efficiency.

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Authentic style of high-quality parquet floor. Woodwork done by reputable manufacturers. Granit Italian tiles of exquisite quality and modern design. Exclusive sanitary ware.

piktogram p5

The authentic shape of the building enables optimal sound insulation.

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The building is equipped with state-of-the art security equipment. Entrance security doors. Video surveillance system and security personnel in the building. Fire alarm system.

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There are over 155 parking spaces. Courtyard and underground parking spaces are secured by video surveillance and a ramp.

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High speed internet connection and cable TV option.


The Quality

Apartments built to the highest standards and principles of energy efficiency will conserve heat in your home. The excellently equipped living space will give you the sense of functionality and safety while the modern design will make it feel even more pleasant and comfortable.

Interior design

Quick pace of life, work-related obligations and habits that shape our every day lives often set the rules for decorating of our living space which we adhere to in order to feel comfortable in our own homes.

With the intention to facilitate our clients with the possibility to shape their own living space to their style and needs, it is our great pleasure to offer you the service of a professional interior designer. A team of experienced experts influenced by world trends is ready to offer their high standard services at every moment. Working together with you, they are able to find the best solution for you and your family to enjoy for a long time.

Let your desires and vision, together with our support, become the foundation of a beautiful beginning.



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